“The retail point of purchase represents the time and place at which all the elements of the sale – the consumer, the money, and the product – come together”

Harvard Business Review

Reaching More Customers than Internet Videos

An interesting statistic is that Out of Home posters and digital media in public venues reach more customers than videos on the internet or Facebook.

According to a recent marketing industry study Out of Home signs reach an astounding number of Americans – 70% recall seeing an advertising display in the past month, versus 43% on the internet or 41% on Facebook.

Connecting the real & Virtual Worlds

We increasingly see companies & brands turning to Out of Home advertising because it is the best medium to enable them to cross the digital divide and reconnect with their customers in the physical world.

Tech companies are also realising the close relationship between Out of Home advertising and mobile. As people spend a greater proportion of their time out of home, their mobile is becoming their preferred device for searching and shopping online. Studies show that Out of Home is one of the strongest channels to drive online search. Mall Media US’s new developments in interactive digital Out of Home media (enabled for mobile) further opens new opportunities for strategically integrated campaigns.